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An, Hui Ching (2023) Molecular detection of qnrA and qnrB genes in uropathogenic eshcerichia coli (UPEC) isolates from Perak. Final Year Project, UTAR.


Bu, Kah Yee (2023) Characterization of bla-tem and bla-shv genes from bacterial isolates of various environmental soil samples in Kampar. Final Year Project, UTAR.


Chan, Onn Kei (2018) Degradation of phytic acid content in soy pulp by bacillus thuringiensis SP4 through solid-state fermentation. Master dissertation/thesis, UTAR.

Chan, Wen Jun (2023) Detection of pathogenic bacteria in pigeon faecal samples. Final Year Project, UTAR.

Cheong, Jun See (2016) Aerobic Bacterial, Coliform, Escherichia Coli, and Staphylococcus Aureus Counts of Randomly Selected Street Foods in Kampar, Perak. Final Year Project, UTAR.

Chin, Jia Jin (2023) Genetic diversity of pathogenicity islands (PAIS) of uropathogenic escherichia coli (UPEC) strains from Perak, Malaysia. Master dissertation/thesis, UTAR.

Chong, Careen Kai Lyn (2023) Microbiological analyses and students’ attitudes and perceptions towards microbiological risks of plant-based meat items. Final Year Project, UTAR.

Chong, Wai Yan (2022) Physicochemical, phytochemical and sensorial quality of gummy candies produced from mango (mangifera indica) peels with different types of fruit sweeteners. Final Year Project, UTAR.

Choo, Yi Xuan (2023) Effects of sonication duration on the physicochemical properties, bioactive characters, and the shelf-stability of noni juice stored at different temperatures. Master dissertation/thesis, UTAR.

Chu, Say Ying (2017) Characterization of Bacteriophage Ka isolated from hot spring at Kuala Woh, Perak. Final Year Project, UTAR.

Chua, Amy Jia Xuan (2022) Detection of mobilized colistin resistance (MCR) gene from livestock wastewater samples. Final Year Project, UTAR.


Djearamane, S. and Wong, L. S. and Lim, Y. M. and Lee, P. F. (2019) Cytotoxic effects of zinc oxide nanoparticles on Chlorella Vulgaris. EM International.


Kok, Chung Wei (2018) Development of metal-affinity partitioning of Hepatitis B core antigen from unclarified bacteria feedstock. Master dissertation/thesis, UTAR.

Kong, Huei Huei (2023) Population genetic structure of a bamboo hybrid (×Gigantocalamus malpenensis) in Perak, Malaysia, and implications for silviculture. Master dissertation/thesis, UTAR.


Lee, Shuet Yi (2022) Molecular detection of tetracycline resistance genes in association with efflux pump mechanism in uropathogenic escherichia coli (UPEC) isolate. Final Year Project, UTAR.

Lee, Yin Ying (2022) Duplex PCR detection of blashv and blatem genes in uropathogenic escherichia coli (UPEC) isolates from patient. Final Year Project, UTAR.

Liang, S.X.T. and Wong, L.S. and Dhanapal, A.C.T.A. and Balu, P. and Djearamane, S. (2021) Therapeutic applications of spirulina against human pathogenic viruses. Journal of Experimental Biology and Agricultural Sciences (JEBAS).

Liang, Sharolynne Xiao Tong (2023) Impact of silver nanoparticles on the nutritional properties of spirulina platensis. Master dissertation/thesis, UTAR.

Lim, Chin Aik (2018) Photocatalytic degradation of sunset yellow by hydrothermally synthesized three-dimensional flower-like bismuth Oxybromide with hierarchical structure. Master dissertation/thesis, UTAR.

Lim, Esther Shi Lin (2023) Preliminary study on the physicochemical and microbiological qualities of overripe tempeh. Final Year Project, UTAR.

Lim, Zhi Meng (2021) Adult obesity: personality traits, eating behaviour, physical activity, DRD2 polymorphisms and health related quality of life in a Malaysia private university. Master dissertation/thesis, UTAR.

Looi, Tze San (2022) Development of kombucha beverage derived from aquilaria malaccensis tea infused with pineapple and mint. Final Year Project, UTAR.

Low, Yin Huie (2014) Construction of chimeric ribulose-1,5-bisphosphate carboxylase/oxygenase large subunit-chloramphenicol acetyltransferase (rbcl-cat) gene. Final Year Project, UTAR.


Ng, Wen Guang (2019) Molecular cloning and expression of a modified Tn5 transposase for the enhancement of in Vitro transposition in bacteria and yeast. Master dissertation/thesis, UTAR.


Ong, Wei Chi (2023) Dissection of synechococcus rubisco large subunit sections involved in heterologous holoenzyme formation in escherichia coli. Master dissertation/thesis, UTAR.


Phang, You Kang (2023) Investigation of the combined methods of filtration, copper oxide nanoparticles and microalgae on palm oil mill effluent (POME) treatment. Master dissertation/thesis, UTAR.


Saw, Seow Hoon (2019) Comparative Genomic Analysis Of Mycobacterium Tuberculosis From Pulmonary And Central Nervous System Infections To Determine Factors Of Neurotropism. PhD thesis, UTAR.

Sung, Suet Yen (2015) Antimicrobial properties and characterization of plastic packaging film incorporated with garlic oil. Master dissertation/thesis, UTAR.


Tan, Yi Ying (2023) Synthesis, characterisation, conformational study and antibacterial activity of N-acylhydrazone and its derivatives. Final Year Project, UTAR.

Tee, Han Kang (2014) Development of a mask sampling method for collection and quantification of mycobacterium tuberculosis in respiratory droplets. Final Year Project, UTAR.


Wong, Clara Chia Ci (2023) Determination of the role of synechococcus rubisco residue val-425 in chimeras. Final Year Project, UTAR.

Wong, Siew Ching (2023) Microbiological analyses and undergraduate student’s attitudes and perceptions towards microbiological risk of plant-based meat items. Final Year Project, UTAR.


Yeong, Belinda May Lin (2011) Phenology of sargassum species at Teluk Kemang, Port Dickson, Malaysia. Master dissertation/thesis, UTAR.

Yip, See Cheng (2022) Influence of addition of ginger on sensory quality, physicochemical properties and bioactivities of Malaysian multifloral honey. Final Year Project, UTAR.

Yuen, Hawk Leong (2023) Development of a novel antibacterial peptide pam-5 via combination of phage display selection and computer-assisted modification. Master dissertation/thesis, UTAR.

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