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Abdul Rahman, Ahmad Hakim (2014) Leadership style in project managers: what do project team members want? Master dissertation/thesis, UTAR.

Ang, Joshua Xin De (2014) Development of a combined phage amplification and pcr assay for detection of viable mycobacterium avium subsp. Paratuberculosis in bovine faeces. Final Year Project, UTAR.

Aw, Yee Shan (2014) Isolation and identification of burkholderia speceis in soils and various water reservoirs. Final Year Project, UTAR.


Bee, Goh Hui and Mak, Ivan and Jak, Nga Wai and Ching, Phon Zhi (2014) Factors Of Job Turnover Intention Among Employees Of Private Universities In Selangor. Final Year Project, UTAR.

Beh, Li Sun and Chew, Pei Hoon and Leow, Yee Vern and Lim, Ling Sing and Ling, Wan Xiang (2014) Determinants of banking fragility in Malaysia. Final Year Project, UTAR.

Beh, Wei Wen and Leong, Ying Yee and Wong, Sek Yau and Yap, Chin Yee (2014) Influence Of Service Quality And Servicescape On Customer Satisfaction Towards Behavioral Intentions In International Coffee Chains. Final Year Project, UTAR.

Benjamin, Daniel Jeyaraj (2014) Critical success factors for projects in oil and gas joint ventures. Final Year Project, UTAR.

Boey, Calvin Mun Lek (2014) Very large scale integration design environment research and development: Design tools, data library and cross-site population management system. Final Year Project, UTAR.

Bok, Yann Ce and 莫, 雁慈 (2014) 金宝梅江公会研究(1906-2013). Final Year Project, UTAR.


Cassandra, Ann Nonis and Lim, Pooi Sian and Tan, Yi Wang and Wong, Choi Li (2014) Factors that influence customer satisfaction and behavioural intentions in airline industry. Final Year Project, UTAR.

Chai, Quan Zong and Chai, Yen Tao and Ho, Jia Chee and Ong, Boon Ho and Yong, Kaa Yien (2014) Hedging effectiveness of rubber market in Thailand. Final Year Project, UTAR.

Cham, Hui (2014) Study of intelligence peer selection in enhancing p2p using artificial neural network. Master dissertation/thesis, UTAR.

Chan, Beow Hui and 曾, 妙慧 (2014) 论孔子中和的美善统一观. Final Year Project, UTAR.

Chan, Che Wee (2014) The Impact of Corporate Social Responsibility on Employees Attitude and Behaviour: Financial Services Industry. Master dissertation/thesis, UTAR .

Chan, Chew Chin (2014) Development of a combined phage and pcr assay for detection of viable mycobacterium avium subsp. Paratuberculosis in bovid contacted soils. Final Year Project, UTAR.

Chan, Cindy Wai Yin (2014) Practices of Reduction, Reusing and Recycling of Solid Wastes in the Malaysian Construction Industry. Final Year Project, UTAR.

Chan, Hui Lu and Lim, Chin Haur and Ooi, Say Jie and Teoh, Yee Han and Yap, Yen Nee (2014) The effect of fiscal policy on national debt: A VAR approach. Final Year Project, UTAR.

Chan, Kok Wei and Chong, Sew Fong and Chuah, Carrie and Ting, Chi Yan (2014) Ownership structure and firm performance in Malaysia: In trading services sector. Final Year Project, UTAR.

Chan, Mei Lee and Chee, Hui Loo and Chin, Siew Peng and Sim, Gek Xian (2014) Consumers' attitude towards online advertising : the study on information responses. Final Year Project, UTAR.

Cheah, Chee Meng and Chuah, Fore Hein and Lim, Jia Huey and Lim, Wei Cheik and Lim, Yon Hui (2014) Human resource management practices as a determinant of Organizational citizenship behaviours: A study among banking staffs. Final Year Project, UTAR.

Cheah, Wen Yao and Cheng, Ching Ning and Hong, Kok Sing and Ling, Lih Bing and Tan, Mey Chia (2014) Effect of servant leadership on affective commitment among hotel employees. Final Year Project, UTAR.

Chee, Jenn Yap (2014) The implementation of project management office for property developers in Malaysia. Master dissertation/thesis, UTAR.

Cheh, Soo Shen (2014) An exploratory study of men’s facial care products: Malaysian gen y males. Master dissertation/thesis, UTAR.

Chen, Elaine and Cheng, Lum Pui and Ping, Tan Yen and Yeing, Wong Choy (2014) Financial Planning And Financial Literacy Of Malaysians In Klang Valley. Final Year Project, UTAR.

Chen, Si Ying and Ching, Kah Yun and Fan, Lee Lee and Goh, Soo Whei (2014) Oil price volatility and macroeconomic factors influence stock market return: A study in Malaysia. Final Year Project, UTAR.

Chen, Wen and 陈, 雯 (2014) 《溪山琴况》演奏美学之研究. PhD thesis, UTAR.

Chen, You Wei (2014) Synthesis and characterization of chitosan-based hybrid polymer. Final Year Project, UTAR.

Chew, Alan Jian Loong (2014) Cyberstalking on facebook: examining the relationship between facebook usage characteristics and cyberstalking victimization among young malaysian facebook users. Master dissertation/thesis, UTAR.

Chew, Zhen Yong (2014) Customer relationship management (CRM) system. Final Year Project, UTAR.

Chi, Angela Yong Yen and Chee, Chai Mei and Cheng, Chiang Fu and Von, Tee Yee (2014) Factors Influencing Generation Y‘S Online Purchase Intention In Book Industry. Final Year Project, UTAR.

Chia, Isabelle Chai Yuin (2014) Multimedia courseware for developing business intelligence. Final Year Project, UTAR.

Chia, Onn Jian and Ong, Hwai Jun and Siaw, Pui Man and Wong, Kim Yeng and Yau, Kok Pong (2014) A study on non-monetary practices towards private higher education institution in Malaysia. Final Year Project, UTAR.

Chia, Sin Ling and Lee, Yee Von and Ooi, Geok Sim and Tan, Cea Dy and Tan, Siew Poh (2014) The factors impact on employee retention in semiconductor industry. Final Year Project, UTAR.

Chia, Zheng Lin (2014) Semi-autonomous 4 wheel robot. Final Year Project, UTAR.

Chiang, Chia Yeong (2014) Low-power RF design: Selective power-gated address decoder. Final Year Project, UTAR.

Chiew, Meng Sei and Foo, Mei Yee and Ho, Su Ling and Hu, Siew Ping and Tan, Sue Zhan (2014) A study on the relationship between organizational commitment and intention to leave: Age as the moderator. Final Year Project, UTAR.

Chiew, Tien Tiam and Lai, Cheng Yoong and Liang, Yu Herng and Lim, Zhi Ping and Yeap, Kar Chun (2014) The influence of ownership structure and board structure on Malaysia companies dividend payout rate. Final Year Project, UTAR.

Cho, Mong Ping (2014) Design and characterisation of arc discharge system. Final Year Project, UTAR.

Choh, Jing Lang (2014) Isothermal crystallisation and miscibility of poly(ε-caprolactone)(pcl) / poly(vinyl formal) (pvf) blends. Final Year Project, UTAR.

Choi, Jun Hui and Chua, Pui Yi and Lee, Siew Chyn and Lim, Bee Gnoh and Wong, Yee Mun (2014) Determinants of stock price fluctuations: Evidence from Singapore. Final Year Project, UTAR.

Chok, Eu-Tjin (2014) Demand side management: development of building power monitoring device and load curtailment algorithm. Final Year Project, UTAR.

Chong, Bee Ling (2014) The services required by the Malaysian construction industry from quantity surveyors and their implications to quantity surveying graduates. Master dissertation/thesis, UTAR.

Chong, Chean Swee and 张, 搌瑞 (2014) 路人甲表演社——中文剧场的社会运动者. Final Year Project, UTAR.

Chong, Hui Teing (2014) Factors affecting online shopping of purchasing apparels among young adults. Master dissertation/thesis, UTAR.

Chong, Kok Chung (2014) Experimental and computational fluid dynamics simulation studies on direct contact membrane distillation in desalination. Master dissertation/thesis, UTAR.

Chong, Meng Keong and Fong, Lut Huee and Lee, Miao Mei and Ong, Siew Wern and Yeoh, Pui May (2014) Relationship between commodities market and stock markets: Evidence from Malaysia and China. Final Year Project, UTAR.

Chong, Pei Qi and Goh, Sin Nie and Neoh, Xhian Wey and Tan, Seok Shien and Tan, Wei Han (2014) The effect of macroeconomic factors in emerging market from perspective of Malaysia, Thailand and Indonesia. Final Year Project, UTAR.

Chong, Sin Wei and Geh, Jian Wei and Tan, Qi Seik and Tey, Cee Khai and Yap, Keng Tack (2014) The risk-adjusted performance of Malaysia listed property companies:A comparative analysis. Final Year Project, UTAR.

Chong, Wei Loong and 张, 伟隆 (2014) 探讨曹操用人之法与其政治成就. Master dissertation/thesis, UTAR.

Chong, Yong Shean (2014) Handwritten courtesy amount recognition. Final Year Project, UTAR.

Chooi, Wing Jing and Chooi, Wing Yue and Lee, Siew Hwa and Ng, Sok Kuan and Ng, Wan Shin (2014) Determinants affecting behavioral intention of using QR codes as a learning tool. Final Year Project, UTAR.

Chow, Win Niy (2014) Assessment of employee’s knowledge and compliance on information security governance. Master dissertation/thesis, UTAR.

Chu, Kah Nyin and Goh, Chee Wee and Lim, Yan Ming and Tee, Soon Kiat and Wong, Hui Zhi (2014) Islamic banking for the poor: The determinants of total zakat collection from Islamic banking perspective. Final Year Project, UTAR.

Chua, Pei Qi and 蔡, 佩琪 (2014) 王润华学术人生之研究. Final Year Project, UTAR.

Chuah, Chen Yang and Nang, Yu Chin and Seow, Wei Pei and Sin, Ee Lin and Yeoh, Ching Yee (2014) ECOG SOLUTION. Final Year Project, UTAR.

Chye, Yi Fan and Ong, Juey Chin and Tan, Jing Xian and Thum, Shi Jie (2014) The fundamental factors that influencing mobile learning acceptance in higher education institution. Final Year Project, UTAR.


Ding, Teck Yuan (2014) Production of bioethanol by using pretreated coconut husk as carbon source. Master dissertation/thesis, UTAR.


Eleen Dayana, Mohamed Isa (2014) Synthesis and characterisation of symmetrical dimer containing chalcone moiety. Final Year Project, UTAR.

Etabale Wanda, Judith Flora (2014) Perceptions of the impact of mobile phone use for social networking in Malaysia among university students of East African origin. Master dissertation/thesis, UTAR.


Fan, Chee Khuen (2014) Voice-based data entry through Android phone. Final Year Project, UTAR.

Foo, Che Toang (2014) Factors affecting online purchase intention. Master dissertation/thesis, UTAR.

Foo, Wei Chuean and Lee, Joo Heng and Lim, Jing Yi and Lim, Zi Ning (2014) Purchase of gift among Malaysian Chinese during Chinese New Year. Final Year Project, UTAR.

Foong, Chun Hua and Fong, Chia Wei and Ting, Yee and Tyo, Wei Wei and Wong, Jun Kit (2014) Analysis of precious metal as hedge to stock market: A case study in Malaysia. Final Year Project, UTAR.

Foong, Sok Kee and Chai, Sye May and Chai, Yue Xing and Heng, Xiang Ying and Ng, Chee Mun (2014) The impact of human resource practices towards perceived organizational support of academic staff in UTAR Perak campus. Final Year Project, UTAR.


Gan, Chiu Har and 严, 秋霞 (2014) 林清祥在新加坡政治上的地位. Master dissertation/thesis, UTAR.

Gan, Shu Ying (2014) Chemical constituents from the endemic plant of Sarawak, calophyllum castaneum and their antioxidant activity. Final Year Project, UTAR.

Goh, Shwu Han and 吴, 淑涵 (2014) 唐律妇女地位探究:论离婚、再醮与财产继承权. Final Year Project, UTAR.

Goh, Wee Sheng (2014) Microwave-assisted synthesis and electrochemical studies of 5-ethoxycarbonyl-6-methyl-4-(p-tolyl)-3,4-dihydropyrimidin-2(1h)-one. Final Year Project, UTAR.

Goh, Wen Bin (2014) Authentication tool for picture based passwords. Final Year Project, UTAR.

Goh, Yun Qiang (2014) Survivability and plant regeneration studies of a vanda orchid’s non-encapsulated and encapsulated protocorm-like bodies (PLBS). Final Year Project, UTAR.


Hang, Joo Lee (2014) Good corporate governance leads to better company performance. Master dissertation/thesis, UTAR.

Hee, Cui Yee and Chng, Hui Chei and Liew, Pooi Men and Loke, Loo Bee (2014) Factors affect employees’ performance in hotel industry. Final Year Project, UTAR.

Hei, Lee Kit and Keat, Shee Kah and Yuan, Yew Peng (2014) “The Determinants Of Private Saving In Malaysia From 1985 To 2010”. Final Year Project, UTAR.

Heng, Lee Siew and Yee, Ng Hooi and Leng, Tan and Yan, Vivian Lee Wei (2014) The Impact of Internal Corporate Social Responsibility Practices towards the Organizational Commitment of Academic Staff in Private Higher Learning Institutions. Final Year Project, UTAR.

Ho, Wei Xin and Lau, Sin Yi and Lee, Zi Tong and Tan, Wei Boon (2014) Is Foreign Direct Investment Panacea for Unemployment? The Case of Malaysia. Final Year Project, UTAR.

Hoe, Foo Terng and 何, 富腾 (2014) 马来西亚国立大 学华语教学及教师能力标准研究. PhD thesis, UTAR.

Hoo, Mei Hui (2014) Constructing secret sharing schemes based on cyclic. Final Year Project, UTAR.

Hoo, Poh Yi and 何, 保豫 (2014) 论两《唐书》中无传的大唐使节王玄策. Final Year Project, UTAR.

Huah, Kok Yu (2014) Remote presentation system, android based. Final Year Project, UTAR.

Hui, Hue Yeow and Lau, Heng Kit and Ng, Yi-Yen (2014) Factors Influencing Customer’s Return Patronage To Café In Klang Valley. Final Year Project, UTAR.


Kang, Jo Yee (2014) Microwave irradiation effect in the modification of Vanadium Phosphorus Oxide catalysts synthesised via sesquihydrate route. Master dissertation/thesis, UTAR.

Kay, Chua Yi and Kai, Fong Jing and Jun, Goh Kong and Hor, Wong Yew (2014) The Impact Of Social Network On English Proficiency Among Students In University Tunku Abdul Rahman (Utar) Sungai Long, Malaysia. Final Year Project, UTAR.

Kee, Kuang Yong and 纪, 广荣 (2014) 《稼轩词》菊意象研究. Final Year Project, UTAR.

Kee, Shin Yiing (2014) Studies on new luminescent polymers for luminescent solar concentrator. Master dissertation/thesis, UTAR.

Kek, Ming Chyuan (2014) Knowledge-based requirements management system for mobile application development. Master dissertation/thesis, UTAR.

Koh, Kean Shuh and 郭, 建树 (2014) 论许通元《数梦》同志的心理语言及身份认同. Final Year Project, UTAR.

Koh, Wen Hui and 许, 文辉 (2014) 论欧阳修散文中的谏诤意识——以北宋庆历初期为中心. Final Year Project, UTAR.

Kuan, Adelyn Lai Kit and Ann, Hui Ni and Mohd Badri, Emeilee Nur Freida and Tang, Kia Yee (2014) UTAUT2 influencing the behavioural intention to adopt mobile applications. Final Year Project, UTAR.


Lai, Chin Chia and Law, Chin Wei and Liew, Mun Ching and Phua, Vi Vian and Tang, Chor Yee (2014) When Wallet Fuses into Smartphone:How do Consumers Respond? Final Year Project, UTAR.

Lai, Jing Yi (2014) Investigation of potential antioxidants from the endemic plant of Sarawak, Calophyllum castaneum. Final Year Project, UTAR.

Lai, Mei Hsien and Koh, Katrin Sze Yee and Choi, Cheng Keong and Chua, Chiau Xiang and Tan, Wen Pei (2014) Determinants of customer satisfaction in conventional insurance services: The case of Malaysia. Final Year Project, UTAR.

Lai, Pei Yew and Lee, Jee Sin and Lim, Yu Xiang and Yeoh, Ray Gin (2014) The linkage between training and development and co-worker support towards employees‟ engagement in hotel industry. Final Year Project, UTAR.

Lam, Weng Yee (2014) Phytochemical profiling, antioxidant property, alpha amylase and alpha-glucosidase inhibitory activities of medicinal fern christella dentata. Final Year Project, UTAR.

Lam, Yan Zheng (2014) A navigation system for visually impaired based on the Microsoft kinect sensor in Universiti Tunku Abdul Rahman, Kampar Campus (Block G, H, I and N). Final Year Project, UTAR.

Lau, Carmen and Qwin, Chan Oy and Singh, Ranveer and Siang, Yoo Lick (2014) Factors That Influence Job Satisfaction Among Employees In Fashion Retail Sector In Klang Valley. Final Year Project, UTAR.

Lau, Shu Yee and Lee, Chai Ling and Ang, Bee Fen and Oon, Cher Cher and Siew, Kah Yean (2014) The determinants of Malaysia government bond yields from year 1996:q1 to 2013:q4. Final Year Project, UTAR.

Lau, Tze Yen and Lee, Kuang Zheng and Low, Bo Lin and Low, Shu Wei and Yap, Chee Kheng (2014) The Impact of Infant Mortality Rate and Female Labour Force Participation on Fertility Rate in United States. Final Year Project, UTAR.

Law, Benson (2014) Mobile food planning and conservation system (food planning and demand forecasting control). Final Year Project, UTAR.

Lee, Chang Eu (2014) Presentation system for capturing audience feedback using android-based smartphone. Final Year Project, UTAR.

Lee, Chei Thai and Hau, Huey Ting and Jaow, Ai Ni and Lee, Zhi Wei and Loo, Mun Har (2014) The need to improve customer services in the banking industry: Evidence from Malaysia market. Final Year Project, UTAR.

Lee, Han Ying and 李, 浛颖 (2014) 王维与李白隐逸思想比较研究. Final Year Project, UTAR.

Lee, Jia Ping (2014) Design and implementation of vertically shared home screen system for android smart phone. Final Year Project, UTAR.

Lee, Kar Sing and Lee, Wen Sam and Teng, Kee Min and Wong, Siew Fatt and Yee, Chye Chun (2014) The factors that cause brain drain among Malaysian in workplace. Final Year Project, UTAR.

Lee, Kha Lim and Po, Hui Yee and Yap, May Yan and Yeo, Yi Lin (2014) The impact of organizational citizenship behaviour, job autonomy and organizational resources on organizational commitment in private schools of Malaysia. Final Year Project, UTAR.

Lee, Khye Tze (2014) The effect of corporate social responsibility on business performance. Master dissertation/thesis, UTAR.

Lee, Shin Rou (2014) Dielectric resonator antenna reflectarray elements with under-loading slots. Final Year Project, UTAR.

Lee, Soo Chee and 李, 树枝 (2014) 余光中对马华作家的影响研究. PhD thesis, UTAR.

Lee, Sze Shin (2014) Performance study on cooling of concentrator photovoltaics using computational fluid dynamics simulation. Master dissertation/thesis, UTAR.

Lee, Sze Sze and Cheng, Su Ching and Har, Kok Fai and Lim, Chin Yin and Low, Sue Shi (2014) Business plan: Saveonce Sdn. Bhd. Final Year Project, UTAR.

Lee, Wei Zhe and Chu, Min Lie and Wong, Cong Hon and Yeow, Xin Min (2014) Can national debt be restrained? Evidence from Malaysia. Final Year Project, UTAR.

Lee, Wen Wen (2014) Multi platform quaternion based leg gesture recognition. Final Year Project, UTAR.

Lee, Weng Nam (2014) Ethylenediaminetetraacetic acid (edta) modified rice husk as an adsorbent for dyes and heavy metals removal. Master dissertation/thesis, UTAR.

Lee, Yin Su (2014) Emotional intelligence and job performance: evidence of private higher educational institutions in Malaysia. Master dissertation/thesis, UTAR.

Lee, Ying Hui and Manoharan, Ragihni and Suzanne, Tan and Teo, Jia Qi and Teong, Sche Ting (2014) The determinant of women self-leadership among generation x and y. Final Year Project, UTAR.

Leong, Guang Yi and Ng, Yun Lin (2014) The factors influence consumer behaviour on the purchase of organic products. Final Year Project, UTAR.

Ler, Sin Wei (2014) The attitudes of consumers towards viral marketing in Malaysia. Master dissertation/thesis, UTAR.

Ler, Tche Hui (2014) A study on the barriers to Malaysian women career advancement. Master dissertation/thesis, UTAR.

Lew, Bent Fei (2014) Factors that affect the success of industrial projects in Malaysia. Master dissertation/thesis, UTAR.

Lew, Mei Yee and 刘, 美仪 (2014) “恶”的追索之旅——论远藤周作《丑闻》中“恶”的蕴涵. Final Year Project, UTAR.

Liaw, Peter Whee Cheong and Hen, Weng Hong and Kwan, Soo Yee and Lee, Qui Khai and Tan, Chau Khang (2014) The factors that affecting work engagement in hospitality industry. Final Year Project, UTAR.

Liew, Boon Yee (2014) Diversity of nitrogenase (nifh) gene pool in yam plantation field of c4 agricultural land, UTAR Perak campus. Final Year Project, UTAR.

Liew, Mei Yee and Tan, Daniel Zhi Liang and Pung, Jia Wei and Tan, Ee Teng and Teh, Chee Yin (2014) Business plan: Mr. Ergo Sdn Bhd. Final Year Project, UTAR.

Lim, Wun Pei (2014) Beyond liking and sharing:an examination of consumers’ intentions to use Facebook for search and evaluation. Master dissertation/thesis, UTAR.

Lim, Boon Poh and Teoh, Wei Chieh and Yap, Wei Wah and Yong, Kai Han (2014) GST in Malaysia:An ugly truth or a beautiful lie? Final Year Project, UTAR.

Lim, Chia Pei and 林, 嘉培 (2014) 人之生存情态与生存领悟的再现——诠释《空之境界》小说中的生命哲学书写. Final Year Project, UTAR.

Lim, Chiang Wei (2014) Novel multifunctional slot-based power-dividing couplers. Master dissertation/thesis, UTAR.

Lim, Ee Chee and Ooi, Chuan Yi and Ooi, Soo Ying and Ooi, Yee Woen and Tan, Mun Wei (2014) Customer loyalty: A study on newly opened cafés and restaurants in Penang. Final Year Project, UTAR.

Lim, Fei Shen (2014) Bioactive natural products from the soft coral, Sinularia sp. Master dissertation/thesis, UTAR.

Lim, Joo Liang and Gan, Pei Ling and Gan, Pei Yee and Lo, Peck Yee and Tan, Hui San (2014) The determinants of audit fees among listed manufacturing companies in Malaysia. Final Year Project, UTAR.

Lim, Seow Pheng (2014) A study of Carbon Nanotubes (CNTS) based Isotropic Conductive Adhesives (ICAS)as electronic interconnect material. Master dissertation/thesis, UTAR.

Lim, Sheng Loke (2014) Design of multifunctional microstrip patch directional couplers and stepped-impedance slotline power dividers. Master dissertation/thesis, UTAR.

Lim, Shu Hui and 林, 淑惠 (2014) 华文教育与永春会馆互动—以马六甲育民小学为个案研究. Final Year Project, UTAR.

Lim, Shu Yi (2014) Board mechanisms and performance of government-linked companies on Bursa Malaysia. Master dissertation/thesis, UTAR.

Lim, Sin Hong (2014) Mobile food planning and conservation system (food tagging and inventory control). Final Year Project, UTAR.

Lim , Xtn Yi (2014) Factors that affect generation y workers’ organizational commitment. Master dissertation/thesis, UTAR.

Lin, Qiong and 林, 琼 (2014) 莫言新历史小说《檀香刑》之中国清末历史书写. Final Year Project, UTAR.

Ling, Lim Phey and Lang, Poon Khai and Fong, Tee Cai and Perinpajothi, Thamil Selvan (2014) Factors Affecting Purchase Intention Towards Smartphone Brand: A Study Of Young Female Adult Consumers. Final Year Project, UTAR.

Liong, Kah Mee (2014) Intelligent route optimization for travelling salesman problem. Final Year Project, UTAR.

Lo, James Teck Lun and Lee, Sieh Cjia Lin and Loo, Poh Lui and Sellvam, Sarina and Sandran, Thiviya (2014) Consumer attitude towards mobile advertising in Malaysia. Final Year Project, UTAR.

Loh, Chun Chuen and Chew, Choon Chong and Leong, Wei Lin and Tan, Teck Chai and Yan, Wai Yi (2014) A study on factors influencing students‟ intention to pursue higher education. Final Year Project, UTAR.

Loh, Xin Ran (2014) Investigation of the determinants of trust in internet shopping and its relationship with online purchases intention. Master dissertation/thesis, UTAR.

Looi, Joanne Zhen Hui and Khor, Mei Ling and Lee, Fu Qiang and Lee, Yee Teen and Liew, Hui Sieng (2014) JKL telecare sdn bhd. Final Year Project, UTAR.

Loon, Liew Chea and Chei, Tan Yau and Bhun, Yee Chor and Lim, Yong Wai (2014) Explaining Consumer Attitudes And Purchase Intentions Toward Organic Products: Contribution From Consumer Psychographic Charateristics. Final Year Project, UTAR.

Low, Sheau Hui and 刘, 晓惠 (2014) 开元时期,唐玄宗的形象——以史传及唐五代笔记小说为例. Final Year Project, UTAR.

Low, Yin Huie (2014) Construction of chimeric ribulose-1,5-bisphosphate carboxylase/oxygenase large subunit-chloramphenicol acetyltransferase (rbcl-cat) gene. Final Year Project, UTAR.

Luan, Koh Yi and Ming, Lok Chuan and Syed Hezer, Syed Hasif (2014) The Determinants Of Audience Gratification Towards Digital Billboards. Final Year Project, UTAR.


Malaiarasan, Abirami (2014) Investigation of the Impact of Financial Variables on the Agricultural Commodity Prices in Malaysia. Final Year Project, UTAR.

Min, Linda Cheah Szu and Gee, Peh Soon and Kian, Woon Wee (2014) Investment Behaviour Among Generation Y. Final Year Project, UTAR.

Ming, Hee Guo and Horng, Lee Zheng and Bin, Tan Kar and Yang, Tan Kheng (2014) Organizational Factors That Affect The Preparedness And Awareness Of SME Towards Natural Disaster. Final Year Project, UTAR.

Moon, Jia Min (2014) Low-power RF design: Selective power-gated and drowsy memory array. Final Year Project, UTAR.

Munusamy, Devatara (2014) Work and family influences on job satisfaction: information technology providers in Malaysia. Master dissertation/thesis, UTAR.

Murugesu, Kisantini (2014) Investigation of phytochemicals from calophyllum castaneum for their antioxidant properties. Final Year Project, UTAR.


Neng, Jing Qiao and 甯, 敬乔 (2014) 丰子恺散文的苦闷情结. Final Year Project, UTAR.

Ng, Benjamin Wen Jun and Fong, Ling Harn and Goon, Lai Theng and Tan, Yik Choon and Tan, Xin Yee (2014) The determinants on health and life insurance demand among Malaysian. Final Year Project, UTAR.

Ng, Chun Hong (2014) Development of kernel for RISC architecture system. Master dissertation/thesis, UTAR.

Ng, Ginny Chien Ee and Lim, Shu Kar and Oong, Chun Sung and Teoh, Boon Ping and Yeap, Mei Tyng (2014) A study of relationship between core self-evaluation and employees’ job satisfaction in hotel industry. Final Year Project, UTAR.

Ng, Kai Jun and 吴, 启进 (2014) 怡保明德学校研究(1912-1957). Final Year Project, UTAR.

Ng, Khai Lui and Chong, How Zhe and Lee, Xue Pin and Sim, Synn Xiang and Tan, Cheen Yong (2014) Can common stocks hedge against inflation? Evidence from BRIC (Brazil, Russia, India and China). Final Year Project, UTAR.

Ng, Kwong Cheong (2014) The design and development of a PS/2 mouse controller and multiple I/O bus system integration. Final Year Project, UTAR.

Ng, Soon Hee (2014) Load analysis and forecast for a building. Final Year Project, UTAR.

Ng, Suet Yee and 伍, 雪仪 (2014) 马新独立运动:傅树介与反殖斗争. Master dissertation/thesis, UTAR.

Ng, Vincent Kim Sheng (2014) An Assessment of Copyright Act to the Business Environment of Software Industry in Malaysia. Master dissertation/thesis, UTAR.

Ng, Wai Hau (2014) Single and double-layer circular microstrip patch reflectarrays. Final Year Project, UTAR.

Ng, Wei Ying and Tan, Pei Wen and Lai, Wai Mun and Lam, Shi Wei and Cheng, Won Theng (2014) Determinants affecting the auditor switching: A Malaysian study. Final Year Project, UTAR.


Oh, Pei Min (2014) Comparison of two selective media for the isolation of Agrobacterium tumefaciens from the soil. Final Year Project, UTAR.

Ong, Agnes Shi Kai and Lim , Ai Shyuan and Lim, Mian Yer and Ow, Yong Pui Yee and Tan, Lai Lly (2014) The impact of dividend policy on shareholders' wealth:evidence on Malaysia's listed food producer sector. Final Year Project, UTAR.

Ong, Andrew Lek Perng and Chong, Fo Thing and Tham, Yin Fong (2014) Factors Influencing Consumers’ Repurchase Intention Of Groupon. Final Year Project, UTAR.

Ong, In Lih (2014) An empirical study on business intelligence adoption and maturity in Malaysian organizations. Master dissertation/thesis, UTAR.

Ong, Jing Ying and Ong, Lake Ching and Peh, Ee Lin and Tan, Hooi Yee and Thin, Pui Shan (2014) Influence of Government Debt Level on Fiscal Spending & Tax Revenue! Final Year Project, UTAR.

Ong, Zi Yong (2014) Low-power RF design: Selective power-gated domino multiplexer. Final Year Project, UTAR.

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