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Anthony, Sharon Anthony Lai (2023) Investigating the factors affecting the speaking anxiety among ESL secondary students: Insights from a Malaysian secondary school. Final Year Project, UTAR.

Antony, Laurien (2022) Analysis on grammatical errors using error analysis approach in ESL writing. Final Year Project, UTAR.


Bong, Lelia Myriam Siu Mien (2022) The use of ICT during covid-19: a study of Chinese independent high school English teachers’ readiness and challenges. Master dissertation/thesis, UTAR.

Boon, Jun Yu and Chia, Yi Jing and Tan, Angel and Tan, Xiu Wei and Yong, Wai Yan (2023) Factors affecting credit risk in India microfinance institutions. Final Year Project, UTAR.


Chai, Li Xin (2023) Intention to consume cultured meatballs among the youths in Malaysia, a behavioural study. Master dissertation/thesis, UTAR.

Chai, Wai Kheh and 蔡, 慧棋 (2011) 英语教数理政策的实践调查--以霹雳州近打区南部华小为对象. Final Year Project, UTAR.

Chan, Chervon Yen Wen (2022) English songs and their influence on long-term vocabulary gains in UTAR undergraduates. Final Year Project, UTAR.

Chan, Juan Yie (2023) The roles of paternalistic leadership in strategic internal communication. Master dissertation/thesis, UTAR.

Chan, Jun Jie (2023) Voice feedback system with sentiment analysis at a University. Final Year Project, UTAR.

Chan, Qi Thong and Chong, Weng Kit and Low, Ke Yin and Ngu, Qi Hao and Lok, Sherny Xue Ni (2023) A study of the transition from online to face-to-face learning during post-pandemic: From university students’ perspectives. Final Year Project, UTAR.

Chan, Russel Min Leong (2021) Malaysian English teachers’ perception on using songs in teaching English to young leaners. Final Year Project, UTAR.

Chang, Chui Shan (2022) Lexical and syntactic ambiguity in the vaccine of the star. Final Year Project, UTAR.

Chang, You Key and Choh, Kah Pui and Chua, Sue Ann and Chai, Katherine and Lau, Shi Wei (2022) Are you satisfied with virtual learning during covid-19? A study on private higher education institutions in Malaysia. Final Year Project, UTAR.

Chee, Vane Yen and Foong, Kar Whey and Tay, Xiao Ying (2021) Academic self-efficacy, perfectionism, and perceived social support as predictors on academic procrastination among e-learning undergraduates in Malaysia during COVID-19 pandemic. Final Year Project, UTAR.

Chen, Chee Heng and Lee, Wen Chye and Ng, Kok Seng and Ngeau, Jiun Yuan (2022) Factors affecting higher education students’ behavioral intention toward hybrid learning in Malaysian private universities. Final Year Project, UTAR.

Cheng, Jing Wei (2023) A study of parenting sense of competence and parental stress in Selangor. Final Year Project, UTAR.

Chew, Zhi Jun (2022) Investigating the behavioural intention to adopt flipped learning: a study from ESL lecturers’ perspective. Final Year Project, UTAR.

Chiew, Deng Hau and Jong, Bong Chu and Low, Tzuu Liang and Tan, Moh Hao (2023) The factors that affect the career choices of the young generation in private universities in Malaysia. Final Year Project, UTAR.

Chong, Jack Yee and Kong, Zao Yi and Sang, Jun Yao and Wong, Li Wen (2023) A study on the determinants of teacher retention in Chinese primary schools in Johor, Malaysia. Final Year Project, UTAR.

Chong, Pei Lin (2021) The impacts of using abbreviations in asynchronous online social communication among ESL learners. Final Year Project, UTAR.

Chong, Shu Hua and Loh, Wei Zhen and Ooi, Hui Jing (2023) An investigation on factors influencing stress among UTAR students in Malaysia. Final Year Project, UTAR.

Choo, Zhe Yan and Siao, Jeffrey Chin Khen and Teh, E-Hang and Roeshan, Suntra Murthi and Wong, Zhi Fong (2021) Factors affecting student’s perception towards online learning during Covid 19 pandemic. Final Year Project, UTAR.

Choong, Chiau Yee and Lim, Yong Cheng and Ng, Sin Ring (2023) Analysis of factors that influence budget practices among college students in Malaysia. Final Year Project, UTAR.

Chui, Larissa Zee Leng and 崔, 紫霖 (2011) 沙巴州非华裔就读华小现况调查——以瓜拉班尤中华小学丹南启新学校孟奴卜培华小学兵南邦育民学校四校个案分析. Final Year Project, UTAR.


Dakshayani, Jayakumar (2021) Malaysian form 6 students' perception towards the English language Listening online classes during the Covid-19 Pandemic. Final Year Project, UTAR.


Fong, Yin Ling and Loh, Chuan Kit and Loh, Zheng Yu and Tan, Jia Le (2023) Factors affecting the job performance of academic staff in private universities in Malaysia. Final Year Project, UTAR.


H'ng, Ivan Zheng Quan (2023) What to eat today. Final Year Project, UTAR.

Heng, Eeh Eeh and Ng, Yue Ying and Ngeow, Shin Yee and Siau, Bei Er (2022) Determinants of graduate unemployment: case study in Malaysia. Final Year Project, UTAR.

Heng, Han Quan and Lim, Chan Hong and Wee, Theo Daniel Xin Lik and Yep, Zhen Yi (2023) Determinants of unemployment among fresh graduates in Malaysia before and during Covid-19 pandemic. Final Year Project, UTAR.

Hum, Hui Yun (2022) The influences of extroversion and introversion on language learning behaviours of ESL learners. Final Year Project, UTAR.


Khoo, Jia Huey (2022) Students’ concentration in online English classes: Main factor and solution at UTAR Kampar campus. Final Year Project, UTAR.

Koh, Khai Yuan (2023) The readability of selected verses in the book of mark 2:1-12: Preference of Malaysian Christians between NIV and NKJV. Final Year Project, UTAR.

Krishna, Shirley Sugita (2015) An Empirical Study Of Factors Influencing Secondary School Selection. Master dissertation/thesis, UTAR.


Lai, Mei Fong (2018) 论《弟子规》对巴生滨华一校问题学生的教化 作用 / The cultivative role of Di Zi Gui on problematic students: a case study at SJK (C) Pin Hwa 1, Klang. Master dissertation/thesis, UTAR.

Lai, Yee Xiang and Ting, Siew Toong and Wong, Huey Ying (2022) Spending behavior of UTAR undergraduate students. Final Year Project, UTAR.

Lashanth, Kularajah (2023) Product vs process approach: effectiveness in teaching narrative essays. Final Year Project, UTAR.

Lau, Kai Yee (2023) The effectiveness of the implementation of collaborative writing and students’ perception on the strategy. Final Year Project, UTAR.

Law, Hui Qin (2022) Corpus-based analysis of the usage pattern of homonymys among malaysian ESL learners. Final Year Project, UTAR.

Lee, Sean Shu Hen (2021) The uses of English as a social practice among Universiti Tunku Abdul Rahman (UTAR) EL students at Home. Final Year Project, UTAR.

Leela, Murugan and Loo, Ling Qian and Tan, Man Ting (2021) Relationship between academic procrastination, coping and sense of coherence among undergraduates in Malaysia. Final Year Project, UTAR.

Liew, Grace Thing Yi (2021) The effects of lower proficiency in English towards senior secondary students’ academic performance. Final Year Project, UTAR.

Lim, Shu Hui and 林, 淑惠 (2014) 华文教育与永春会馆互动—以马六甲育民小学为个案研究. Final Year Project, UTAR.

Lin, Ziyi (2023) Using gamification as a teaching tool to manage EFL learners' speaking anxiety. Final Year Project, UTAR.

Liong, Christine Siaw Fung and Teoh, Wevern (2022) The determinants that affect university students’ intention to use online recruitment platforms in Malaysia. Final Year Project, UTAR.

Lo, Ke Yuan (2021) Corpus-based analysis of representations around the words PPSMI and DLP in Malaysian mainstream media, The Star. Final Year Project, UTAR.

Loh, Koon Ying (2021) Private secondary school students’ preference and perception on digital feedback mode for their English essay written work in online learning context. Final Year Project, UTAR.


Magenthiran, Shasmita (2023) Investigating challenges in conducting micro-teaching among English education (ED) undergraduates in a Malaysian private university. Final Year Project, UTAR.

Mannudhini, Kumar (2023) A study of Malaysian secondary school student’s perspectives on the challenges faced in ESL reading comprehension. Final Year Project, UTAR.


Ng, Jun Yuan and Ng, Zhang Rong (2023) Intention to use augmented reality apps for education – a behavioural study among Malaysian generation Z. Final Year Project, UTAR.

Ng, Kim Huey and 黄, 婧绘 (2012) 韩江学校新闻专修班与新闻系研究. Final Year Project, Institute of Chinese Studies.

Ng, Man Yi (2022) Exploring secondary school students’ attitudes and perceptions towards gamification in online English lessons. Final Year Project, UTAR.

Ng, Xue En and 吴, 雪恩 (2023) 马来西亚国中和独中华文课本中儒家思想教育研究 : A study on the education of Confucianism in Malaysian national and independent secondary school Chinese textbooks. Final Year Project, UTAR.


Ong, Zhi Ling and 王, 智霖 (2019) 「士」至「新士」:论皮锡瑞的西学接受. Final Year Project, UTAR.


Poh, Sarah Josephine Goon Kei (2021) Challenges faced by English language teacher trainees when conducting online classes in secondary schools during the Covid-19 pandemic. Final Year Project, UTAR.


Roshinie, Saravanan (2023) Difficulties faced by UTAR undergraduates during oral presentation in English as a form of assessment. Final Year Project, UTAR.


Sadia, Sajid (2022) Factors influencing female intention to participate in science technology engineering mathematics (STEM) education in Pakistan. Master dissertation/thesis, UTAR.

Sandhiya, Achutan (2021) The effectiveness of whatsapp in enhancing english language proficiency among UTAR undergraduates. Final Year Project, UTAR.

Sarmin Darshini, Mogan (2022) The impact of implicit and explicit corrective feedback in improving Malaysian ESL students’ L2 grammar in writing tasks. Final Year Project, UTAR.

Sim, Hui Yee (2023) A study on the relationship between parents’ educational level and their involvement in children’s learning in Johor. Final Year Project, UTAR.

Singh, Sukhdeep (2023) Parents’ influence on ESL learners’ English language proficiency. Final Year Project, UTAR.

Siow, Jasmine Jie Yin (2023) A study of examine the potential association between student-teacher relationships with preschool teachers’ stress in Klang valley. Final Year Project, UTAR.

Soo, Elaine Jia Xuan and Lee, Chia Suen and Leong, Chai Yan and Lin, Fan Hui (2023) Service-learning (SL): A case study of challenges faced by learners at a private higher learning. Final Year Project, UTAR.

Sow, Alston Kah Hoong and Cheng, Ai Nee and Foong, Pooi Yee and You, Xi Na (2022) Covid-19 pandemic: factors affect retention among students during online learning? Final Year Project, UTAR.

Syurene, Mohd Shukri (2023) English language learning style preference of UTAR students versus the teaching style preference of UTAR lecturers: A cross-sectional study. Final Year Project, UTAR.


Tan, Aireen and Bong, Qiao Xuan and Cheam, Zia Ee and Yan, Pheng Liang and Yen, Jian Yew (2023) Social media predict behavioural belief, normative belief and control belief among university student in Malaysia on prevention of sexual harassment behaviour. Final Year Project, UTAR.

Tan, Celeste Kir Nie (2023) Year 6 primary school students’ motivation and perception towards learning English. Final Year Project, UTAR.

Tan, Jia Yuin (2023) An analysis of queer representation in Zen Cho’s Black Water Sister. Final Year Project, UTAR.

Teh, Thian Lai (2017) Secondary school principals’ leadership styles and teachers’ organizational commitment in Perak state, Malaysia. PhD thesis, UTAR.

Teoh, Melanie Ruochy (2023) A study of preschool teachers’ job satisfaction and their turnover intention in Penang. Final Year Project, UTAR.

Tew, Jacqueline Hui Ee (2022) Malaysian English discourse particles and their meanings in Covid-19 themed YouTube videos. Final Year Project, UTAR.

Timothy James, Joamchimdass (2022) An exploratory study of English language teachers’ perspective on social-emotional learning in ESL classrooms in Malaysian primary schools. Final Year Project, UTAR.


Vachiera, Jong Jut (2023) Factor affecting reading comprehension of Malaysian secondary school students. Final Year Project, UTAR.


Wong, Jasper Wei Sheng and Kong, Kah Wai and Hew, Winnie Song Lin and Yong, Siew Ling (2023) A study on the impact of emotional intelligence and resiliency on stress management among academic staff in Malaysian private universities. Final Year Project, UTAR.

Wong, Wei Jie (2023) An interactive multimedia courseware for primary school student to learning english language. Final Year Project, UTAR.


Xu, Hongru (2021) Interference of Chinese (L1) thinking mode in English (L2) argumentative essay writing of Malaysian Chinese students in UTAR. Final Year Project, UTAR.


Yashvini Mathilda, Krishnan (2023) A study on the usage of textism through WhatsApp and the influence it has on one’s writing skills among undergraduates. Final Year Project, UTAR.

Yip, Yi Ting (2021) The effectiveness of using non-school-based learning materials in english language learners’ journey in Malaysia. Final Year Project, UTAR.

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