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Ang, May Phing and Chong, Yuan Xin and Lau, Pei Jun (2019) The impact of loneliness and fear of missing out in predicting phubbing behaviour among undergraduates in Malaysia. Final Year Project, UTAR.

Ang, Wei Yee and Choy, Yee Ling and Nurhamizah, Md. Saliman (2019) The relationship between family income level, Emotional Intelligence, and Kiasuism among UTAR Undergraduates. Final Year Project, UTAR.


Bong, Wei Jian and Teh, Emilia Yi Wen and Yon, Da Yaw (2019) Motivations of online gaming and identification of avatar predict internet gaming disorder’s symptoms among youth in Malaysia. Final Year Project, UTAR.


Chai, Carmen Wan Yin and Chen, Serena Sin Loke and Thong, Koon Nam (2019) The effects of a transdiagnostic prevention programme for behavioural and emotional difficulties, self-esteem and prosocial behaviour among primary school children in Malaysia: a preliminary study. Final Year Project, UTAR.

Chang, Dixon and Pua, Xin Ci and Ng, Shirley Sock Li (2019) Relationship between self-compassion, perfectionism, and body image satisfaction among university students in Malaysia. Final Year Project, UTAR.

Cheng, Han Ping (2019) Role of MiRNAs Regulating The EMT/MET Processes In Colorectal Caner-Derived Induced Pluripotent Cancer Cells (CRC-iPCs). Master dissertation/thesis, UTAR.

Cheng, Jianfeng (2019) An investigation of learner autonomy among EFL students in mainland Chinese universities. PhD thesis, UTAR.

Chin, Jacqueline Dan Dan and 陈, 聃聃 (2019) 《论语》“色”含义之归纳与辨析. Final Year Project, UTAR.

Chin, Sie Zhen and Lee, Chie Hwa and Ng, Samantha Kuet Ch'ng (2019) A study of the relationship of family functioning, self-regulation and antisocial behaviour among adolescents. Final Year Project, UTAR.

Chin, Zhao Ying and 陈, 照莹 (2019) 隋唐时期的“猫事件”论析. Final Year Project, UTAR.

Ching, Loo Pei and Low, Wan Chee (2019) The impacts of work-life balance and self-efficacy on job satisfaction among fast food industry workers in Ipoh, Perak. Final Year Project, UTAR.

Chong, Ka Foo (2019) Residents Satisfaction of New Village Infrastructure Development Projects In Peninsular Malaysia. Master dissertation/thesis, UTAR.

Chong, Shi Yunn and 张, 思韻 (2019) 张居正的反贪政策及其影响. Final Year Project, UTAR.

Choo, Benjamin Bing Chee and Lee, Ziyi and Ng, Jun Quan (2019) Brief mindfulness practice as an intervention on the relationship between cyberbullying and depressive symptom among young adults in Malaysia. Final Year Project, UTAR.

Chow, Yoke Ting and 邹, 玉婷 (2019) 《西厢记》与《牡丹亭》的角色模式论. Final Year Project, UTAR.

Chua, Hung Ming and Goh, Xin Yi and Lim, Zhee Yen (2019) The impact of game engagement and game motivation on game addiction among the young adult multiplayer online battle arena players in Malaysia. Final Year Project, UTAR.


Dang, Ying Zhi and 陈, 芸芝 (2019) 电影《妖猫传》美学效果分析. Final Year Project, UTAR.


Eui, Ching Sie and Tan, Wei Hong (2019) The mediating role of self-stigma in perceived public stigma and attitudes toward mental health help-seeking among university students in Malaysia. Final Year Project, UTAR.


Foo, You Wei and 符, 莜韦 (2019) 论《儒林外史》吴敬梓的自传书写. Final Year Project, UTAR.


Goh, Yee Shan and Foo, Hor Yern (2019) Factors affecting secondary school teachers’ willingness to deliver Sexual Reproductive Health (SRH) education in Malaysia. Final Year Project, UTAR.


Hoo, Kiu Chew and 胡, 玖洲 (2019) 山外看山:钱钟书文史观分论. Final Year Project, UTAR.


Khor, Jia Huan and Poh, Lin Shan and Tee, Ru Yuan (2019) Depression and motivation of gaming as predictors of Internet Gaming Disorder (IGD) symptoms among Malaysian youths. Final Year Project, UTAR.


Lee, Kezee and Ng, Yee Fong (2019) A study of sexually abusive tendency: the role of childhood sexual abuse experiences and religiosity. Final Year Project, UTAR.

Liau, Ev Teng and 廖, 以婷 (2019) 电商时代底下“六礼”的变迁与消费:以波县福建人婚礼为探讨中心. Final Year Project, UTAR.

Liaw, Jia Chien (2019) Critical Success Factor of a Small Medium Enterprise (SME) Startup Project in Malaysia. Master dissertation/thesis, UTAR.

Liew, Shun Yee and 刘, 思愉 (2019) 《南洋商报·少年乐园》(1976年)的类型和题材分析. Final Year Project, UTAR.

Lim, Chia Yen and 林, 佳彥 (2019) 香港城与人:也斯《后殖民食物与爱情》书写研究. Final Year Project, UTAR.

Lim, Edward Heng Yuan and Liew, Jia Kang and Yap, Jyh Shen (2019) Self-esteem and extraversion in predicting problematic smartphone use among Malaysian emerging adults. Final Year Project, UTAR.

Lim, Xin Ying (2019) Strategies for affordable housing delivery. Master dissertation/thesis, UTAR.

Lushalinee, Murthy and Rachel Valerie, Anthony and Wong, Kah Wai (2019) Marital satisfaction, sex drive and sleep deprivation among Malaysian adults. Final Year Project, UTAR.


Malveenderjit Singh Hullon, (2019) Comparison Between Perturb and Observe and Incremental Conductance Algorithms for Photovoltaic Systems Using Buck Converter. Master dissertation/thesis, UTAR.

Manjeevan Singh Seera, (2019) Performance Optimization of Commercial Photovoltaic Technologies Under Local Spectral Irradiances Using Machine Learning. Master dissertation/thesis, UTAR.

Mohammad Nazri Mustafa, (2019) Screening Methodology for Seismic Risk Assessment of Structures in Oil & Gas Plants. Master dissertation/thesis, UTAR.

Muhammad Hidayat Mohtar Apandi , (2019) Design of Radio Frequency Identification (RFID) Tags for Distribution Transformer Real Time Data Tracking System. Master dissertation/thesis, UTAR.

Muhammad Taufiq Hood, (2019) Study of Out of Plane Structure of Ionic Polymer-metal Composites Based Sensor Using Finite Element Modelling. Master dissertation/thesis, UTAR.


Ng, Hien Fuh (2019) Selection And Characterization Of A Tigecycline-Resistant Mutant Of Mycobacterium Abscessus To Identify Possible Resistance Determinants. PhD thesis, UTAR.

Ng, Pei Chai (2019) Power Device Assembler Assembly Recipe Control Through Smart Monitoring Accessible Remote Tool (SMART). Master dissertation/thesis, UTAR.

Ngew, Chi Nee (2019) Characterization of High Voltage Power Schottky Diode Under Unclamped Inductance Switching (UIS) Avalanche Stress. Master dissertation/thesis, UTAR.

Nur Afiqqa Rashid, (2019) Improvement of Powermite Package Crack and Chip Die Process Optimization Study in Die Attach and Molding Process. Master dissertation/thesis, UTAR.


Ong, Lay Vern (2019) The variable sampling interval exponentially weighted moving average (EWMA) Xbar chart with estimated process parameters. Master dissertation/thesis, UTAR.

Ong, Zhi Ling and 王, 智霖 (2019) 「士」至「新士」:论皮锡瑞的西学接受. Final Year Project, UTAR.

Ooi, Zi Qing and 黄, 紫晴 (2019) 从《三国志·吴主传》探讨陈、裴记载的异同. Final Year Project, UTAR.


Pang, Iris Chee Yin and Lam, Ke Wei and Nah, Zi Ying (2019) Mediating effect of identification of avatar: social phobia, depression and IGD’s symptoms. Final Year Project, UTAR.


Rubenesvaran Rau, Home Narayanan and Yaw, Kah Yipp and Yew, Jin (2019) Perceived organizational support and social support as predictors on turnover intention among offshore oil and gas workers in Malaysia. Final Year Project, UTAR.


Sakthivel Subramaniam, (2019) Thermal Effect on the Underground Power Cables. Master dissertation/thesis, UTAR.

Saraswathi Rajasandaran, (2019) Integrated Circuit Design of a Power Management Unit for Radio Frequency Identification Transponder. Master dissertation/thesis, UTAR.

Seah, Yen Thing and 盛, 燕婷 (2019) 《马华佛教散文选(1982-2010)》书写、修辞以及主题研究. Final Year Project, UTAR.

Shalini Selvam, (2019) Energy Harvesting Routing Algorithm for Rfid Sensor Transponder. Master dissertation/thesis, UTAR.

Sharmilla Devi, Jayasingam (2019) Uncovering Gen Etic Determinants Of Antibiotic Resistance In Mycobacterium Abscessus. Master dissertation/thesis, UTAR.

Suubitaa, Spencer Sam (2019) An investigative study of utilization of waste engine oil and vegetable oil as a binder for the production of environmental friendly E-vege roofing tile. Master dissertation/thesis, UTAR.


TAI, WAN WAH (2019) A Roadmap to Software Quality Assurance of Change Control Management for Iso Initiative: in the Context of Malaysian Smes It Industry. Master dissertation/thesis, UTAR.

Tam, Hui Shin and 谭, 惠心 (2019) 彭亨联合有限公司与林明华人社会(1906-1988). Final Year Project, UTAR.

Tan, Aik Fun and 陈, 谊豪 (2019) 论庙产兴学对中国佛教的影响. Final Year Project, UTAR.

Tan, Sin Yee and Phang, Jin Xiang (2019) Know it now: the effects of brief mental health workshop on secondary school students. Final Year Project, UTAR.

Tan, Sue-Lin and 陈, 诗琳 (2019) 第一至第三届星云文学奖公开组得奖暨入围散文书写研究. Final Year Project, UTAR.

Tee, Woen Ning and 郑, 芝遴 (2019) 论传统书法在现今社会的转型和承传价值. Final Year Project, UTAR.

Thebben Nair Selvabalan, (2019) Study of the Challenges in the Integration of Multiple Harvested Energy Sources in Integrated Circuit. Master dissertation/thesis, UTAR.

Tiu, Ke Xin (2019) Raindrop Energy Harvesting Based on Stretchable Electronic. Master dissertation/thesis, UTAR.


Wong, Wan Lin and 黄, 婉羚 (2019) 崇祯时期女性之贞节观析论——以《明史·烈女传》为例. Final Year Project, UTAR.


Yap, Samantha Chu Er and 叶, 楚儿 (2019) 林玉玲《月白的脸:一位亚裔美国人的家园回忆录》中的家园书写. Final Year Project, UTAR.

Yau, Kian Min (2019) Effects of Mindfulness on the Self-leadership of Project Team Members. Master dissertation/thesis, UTAR.


Zainal Abas Hasan, (2019) Study of Ipmc-based Sensor Using Finite Element Modelling. Master dissertation/thesis, UTAR.

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