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Final Year Project / Dissertation / Thesis

Ng, Wan Qing (2019) Queuing solution without application installation for service oriented industry. Final Year Project, UTAR.

Balbita Kaur, Manjit Singh (2016) Cytotoxic Effect and Anti-Oxidant Activity of Bioassay-Guided Fractions Isolated from Garcinia Maingayi. Final Year Project, UTAR.

Balu, Ramoo (2018) Brain drain phenomenon in Malaysia: Analysis of the engineers' intention to migrate abroad using the extended theory of planned behaviour. PhD thesis, UTAR.

Chai, Pei Zhen (2019) Applying block chain to smart home system. Final Year Project, UTAR.

Chan, Joshua Mun Wei (2017) Identifying Person through DNA Fingerprinting On Mixed Sample Using Next-Generation Sequencing Data. Final Year Project, UTAR.

Chan, Li Ching (2011) The regulations of cytokines and chemokines in dengue virus-infected patients. Master dissertation/thesis, UTAR.

Chan, Man Ling (2017) Mobile Application For Public Transportation. Final Year Project, UTAR.

Chan, Szn Yi (2016) Screening of Broad-Spectrum Antibacterial Effects of Synthetic Peptide Pam-5 against Selected Pathogenic Bacteria. Final Year Project, UTAR.

Chan, Tjun Wern (2013) Tailgating/Piggybacking detection security system. Final Year Project, UTAR.

Chan, Wei Yang (2015) Bioassay-guided isolation of bio-active antibacterial compounds from the leaves of Wedelia trilobata. Final Year Project, UTAR.

Chen, Pei Fei (2015) Screening for antibacterial activity of 15-MER linear synthetic peptide PAM-6 against Pseudomonas aeruginosa. Final Year Project, UTAR.

Chen, You Wei (2014) Synthesis and characterization of chitosan-based hybrid polymer. Final Year Project, UTAR.

Cheng, Kah Mun (2017) Antioxidant properties of traditional Chinese medicinal herbs (Lycium barbarum and Polygonum multiflorum) with different preparation methods. Final Year Project, UTAR.

Cheng, Wei Kuang (2017) An application of Bayesian classification methods in diabetes data. Final Year Project, UTAR.

Cheong, Pei Fen (2011) The study of intrinsic and extrinsic apoptosis pathways in peripheral blood mononuclear cells of dengue virus-infected patients. Master dissertation/thesis, URTAR.

Chew, Alan Jian Loong (2014) Cyberstalking on facebook: examining the relationship between facebook usage characteristics and cyberstalking victimization among young malaysian facebook users. Master dissertation/thesis, UTAR.

Chew, Wei Loong (2017) UniCAT: Data Analytics Module. Final Year Project, UTAR.

Chia, Pooi Yee (2010) Antioxidant and antimicrobial compounds From the marine algae padina antillarum. Master dissertation/thesis, UTAR.

Chin, Ching Herny (2018) New Approach for Finding Performance Measures of Continuous-time Server Queue With Negative Customers. Master dissertation/thesis, UTAR.

Choh, Jing Lang (2014) Isothermal crystallisation and miscibility of poly(ε-caprolactone)(pcl) / poly(vinyl formal) (pvf) blends. Final Year Project, UTAR.

Chok, Siow Shein (2018) Morphological and molecular characterization of indigenous bacillus thuringiensis and screening of cry, cyt, ps and chi genes. Final Year Project, UTAR.

Chong, Irene Yan Ling (2017) The characterization of isolated Bacillus Thuringiensis from blocks B, C, I and engineering workshop of Universiti Tunku Abdul Rahman, Kampar campus. Final Year Project, UTAR.

Chong, Jia Kit (2017) Optimal designs of the variable sample size (VSS) X chart based on median run length and expected median run length. Master dissertation/thesis, UTAR.

Choo, Min Jun (2017) Marketing and Promotion Based On Selected Criteria System. Final Year Project, UTAR.

Choong, Chi Jing (2011) Investigation of the dual cyto-toxic/-protective roles of α-synuclein in human neuroblastoma, sh-sy5y and human melanoma,sk-mel28 cells. Master dissertation/thesis, UTAR.

Choong, Wei Jen (2019) An automated web scraping tool for Malaysia tourism. Final Year Project, UTAR.

Chow, Suet Yan (2015) Effect of various growth conditions on pigmentation of Burkholderia cepacia UL1. Final Year Project, UTAR.

Chow, Tze Jen (2011) Identification of chemical and biological markers for schizophrenia. Master dissertation/thesis, UTAR.

Chu, Say Ying (2017) Characterization of Bacteriophage Ka isolated from hot spring at Kuala Woh, Perak. Final Year Project, UTAR.

Chu, Sin Yen (2015) Performance of the Finite-Order Dirichlet and Special Additive Update Universal Portfolios. Master dissertation/thesis, UTAR.

Chur, Jian Chang (2018) A Security Assessment of Egovernment Website in Malaysia. Master dissertation/thesis, UTAR.

Eng, I Sum (2011) Microhabitat analysis and population parameters of small carnivores in Sarawak planted forest, with emphasis on the Malay Civet Viverra Tangalunga. Master dissertation/thesis, UTAR.

Fang, Mei Teng (2011) The effect of formulative materials on the viability and efficacy of formulated beneficial microbes. Master dissertation/thesis, UTAR.

Gan, Kelvin (2016) Prevalence of Hypertension in University Students and Association of Catechol-O Methyltransferase (Val158met) and Dopamine D2 Receptor (Taq1a) Polymorphism with Hypertension. Final Year Project, UTAR.

Gan, Kian Yong (2019) A data analytic module to extend grafana functionality. Final Year Project, UTAR.

Gan, Ming Lee (2013) Optimum paths-finding algorithms for _+1 partial bandwidth path protection. Master dissertation/thesis, UTAR.

George, Rebekah (2015) Prevalence of primary headache disorders in university students and Association of Methylenetetrahydrofolate Reductase (MTHFR) A1298C polymorphisms (RS1801131) variant is associated to migraine headaches. Final Year Project, UTAR.

Goh, Jocelyn Shi Jing (2016) Physicochemical Properties and In-Vitro Inhibitory Effects of Stingless Bee (Trigona Spp.) Honey against Escherichia Coli. Final Year Project, UTAR.

Gooi, Hao Ming (2017) Network Administration System for Bring Your Own Device (BYOD) Over Software Defined Networking. Final Year Project, UTAR.

Hemaroopini, Subramaniam (2017) Investigation of phytochemicals from calophyllum species for their cytotoxic and antioxidant activities. Master dissertation/thesis, UTAR.

Heng, Jue Jan (2017) Synthesis and characterisation of poly(ethylene oxide) (PEO)/maleated starch blends. Final Year Project, UTAR.

Hia, Yi Lin (2015) A study on the effects of insulin, TNF-Alpha and antioxidants on the expression of ATP-Binding cassette transporter 1 (ABCA1) in HEPG2 cells. Final Year Project, UTAR.

Hiew, Choi Wen (2017) Optimization of Xanthone yield in mangosteen pericarp crude extract obtained by microwave-assisted extraction (MAE) method. Final Year Project, UTAR.

Hng, Huey Ping (2017) Investigation of green synthesized silver nanoaprticles using aqueous leaf extract of Artemisia Argyi for antioxidant and antimicrobial potentials. Final Year Project, UTAR.

Kang, Kah How (2017) Development and optimization of pumpkin (Cucurbita moschata)-carrot (Daucus carota) pasta sauce formulations using response surface methodology. Final Year Project, UTAR.

Khoo, Kenny Kuan Yew (2011) Design and development of an embedded platform for computer vision applications. Master dissertation/thesis, UTAR.

Khoo, Yie Woon (2017) Investigation into the effects of IL-17 and Lauric acid on Farnesoid X receptor (FXR) expression in human HEPG2 cells. Final Year Project, UTAR.

Koh, Li Jing (2016) Optimization of Ultrasonication and Lysozyme Disruption Methods for the Release of NS1 Protein of Influenza H5N1 Virus from Escherichia Coli Novablue. Final Year Project, UTAR.

Lai, Suk Ling (2019) Optical character recognition (OCR) solution for capturing data from legacy manufacturing machines. Final Year Project, UTAR.

Lee, Han Jie (2017) Sales Reminder and Tracker Mobile Application. Final Year Project, UTAR.

Lee, Mei Ying (2016) Passion Fruit Infused Gluten Free Noodle: Optimization of Ingredient Levels Using Response Surface Methodology. Final Year Project, UTAR.

Lee, Wen Dick (2017) Large Integer Arithmetic in GPU for Cryptography. Final Year Project, UTAR.

Lee, Yen Long (2019) Voice and image recognition for smart pet app. Final Year Project, UTAR.

Lee, Zhi Jiang (2017) Denial of Service Mitigation Using Nat Load Balancing. Final Year Project, UTAR.

Leong, Lai Chin (2015) Bioethanol Production by Using Pitaya Fruit Peel Waste as Carbon Source. Master dissertation/thesis, UTAR.

Leong, Mui Lan (2011) Phenol removal using ceramic membrane bioreactor. Master dissertation/thesis, UTAR.

Liang, Jia Lun (2016) Functional Properties of Wastes from Cabbage (Brassica Oleracea L. Var. Capitata) and Capsicum (Capsicum Annuum L. Var. Annum). Final Year Project, UTAR.

Liew, Chiam Wen (2011) Investigations on lithium ion conductivity and characterization of pmma-pvc based polymer electrolytes incorporating ionic liquid and nano-filler. Master dissertation/thesis, UTAR.

Lim, Choon Seng (2013) Universal portfolios generated by probability distributions. Master dissertation/thesis, UTAR.

Lim, Chuen Yang (2017) Monitoring the coefficient of variation through a variable parameters chart. Final Year Project, UTAR.

Lim, Jason Jing Wei (2019) A framework to automate time series data collection using mobile phone for deep learning training and deployment. Final Year Project, UTAR.

Ling, Kuan Hoe (2015) Synthesis and Characterisation of Gallium, Molybdenum and Gallium-Molybdenum Doped Vanadium Phosphorus Oxide Catalysts for Oxidation of N-Butane to Maleic Anhydride. Master dissertation/thesis, UTAR.

Loh, Jiun Yan (2011) Fatty acid enrichment and potential food source for Moina macrocopa cultivation. Master dissertation/thesis, UTAR.

Loo, Song Wei (2016) Investigation of Chemical Compounds Formed from a Solution Mixture Containing a Cobalt Salt, 1,10-phenanthroline and N,O-donor Ligand ( N,O-donor Ligand = Glycine or Sarcosine )". Final Year Project, UTAR.

Lye, Ping Ying (2015) Interactive effect of trigona honey and ampicillin on Staphylococcus aureus isolates of infected wound. Final Year Project, UTAR.

Muhilarasi, Sungevie (2015) Partial genomic characterization and isolation of endolysin from bacteriophage SFN6B against Shigella flexneri. Final Year Project, UTAR.

Murugaiyah, Parthiban (2015) Preliminary screening of Allium cepa linn for its antioxidant activity, cytotoxicity on human chronic myelogenous leukaemia cell line (K562) and antibacterial properties. Final Year Project, UTAR.

New, Jeng Mun (2017) Enabling Eidetic Memory through Image Capturing and Tagging Using Google Vision API. Final Year Project, UTAR.

Ng, Danny Wee Kiat (2012) Simulation of oscillations in a network of neurons using integrate and fire neuron model. Master dissertation/thesis, UTAR.

Ng, Di Lin (2011) Molecular regulation of jnk in tnf-α-stimulated human hepatocarcinoma (hepg2) cells via the mtor/akt pathway. Master dissertation/thesis, UTAR.

Ng, Hin Fung (2017) Investigation into the effects of Interleukin-17 and Lauric acid on PPARy expression in human HEPG2 cells. Final Year Project, UTAR.

Ng, Jian Qin (2017) A hybrid optimization method in solving nurse duty roster problem. Final Year Project, UTAR.

Ng, Joo Siang (2017) Automatic Weapon Detection in Videos. Final Year Project, UTAR.

Ng, Wei Khiang (2011) Molecular characterisation of plasmid-borne bla-SHV homologous genes from enterobacteriaceae. Final Year Project, UTAR.

Ng, Wen Yih (2017) Phytochemical study on the leaves of Muntingia Calabura and its antibacterial activity. Final Year Project, UTAR.

Ngoi, Vivian (2016) Effect of Processing Treatment on Antioxidant, Physicochemical and Enzymatic Properties of Honey (Trigona Spp.). Final Year Project, UTAR.

On, Jia Hao (2020) The Influences Of AI To The Gameplay. Final Year Project, UTAR.

Ong, Chun Hao (2017) Characterization of Shigella Flexneri specific bacteriophage infectivity under antibiotic stress. Final Year Project, UTAR.

Ong, Johnny, Shou Yee (2013) Critical success factors of the Floating, Production, Storage and Offloading (“FPSO”) projects. Master dissertation/thesis, UTAR.

Ong, Lay Vern (2019) The variable sampling interval exponentially weighted moving average (EWMA) Xbar chart with estimated process parameters. Master dissertation/thesis, UTAR.

Ong, Wei Wah (2017) A study on the effects of Lauric acid on ROS formation and CYP2E1 mRNA expression in alcohol-induced HEPG2 cells. Final Year Project, UTAR.

Ooi, Chia Ler (2017) Phylogenetic analysis of Gasteracantha, Thelacantha and Macracantha spiny orb-weavers (Araneae; Araneidae) in peninsular Malaysia. Final Year Project, UTAR.

Ooi, Shion Yeing (2019) Mobile augmented reality for smart pet. Final Year Project, UTAR.

Ooi, Su Ern (2016) The Involvement of Pi3k/Akt Signalling Pathway in Mmp-9 Down-Regulation by Lauric Acid in Thp-1 Differentiated Macrophages. Final Year Project, UTAR.

Pang, Jing Wen (2017) Optimization on the extraction of bacteriophage endolysin against Shigella Dysenteriae from crude phage lysate. Final Year Project, UTAR.

Phang, Ying Ning (2011) Synthesis and characterisation of biodegradable superabsorbent polymer derived from sodium alginate. Master dissertation/thesis, UTAR.

Phoon, Eveiyn Weng Yan (2016) Screening of Membrane-Active Mechanism of Antibacterial Peptide, Pam-5, Against Pseudomonas Aeruginosa. Final Year Project, UTAR.

Rajantharan, Shanti (2011) Investigation on the effect of ionic liquid and ionic mixture in biodegradable polymer electrolytesunder. Master dissertation/thesis, UTAR.

Ramachendrin, Arvind Devar (2015) In Vitro activity of local plants from Malaysia against Chikungunya virus. Final Year Project, UTAR.

See, Tian Xin (2019) A cloud solution for visualizing and navigating mobile IOT sensor nodes. Final Year Project, UTAR.

Shew, Yee Siang (2012) Assessing Malaysian healthcare professionals’ perception and intention in utilizing cloud computing medical record. Master dissertation/thesis, UTAR.

Shu, Chai Ching (2015) Extraction and isolation of anti-MRSA extracellular compounds from Pseudomonas aeruginosa strain MSO(Y). Final Year Project, UTAR.

Song, Hooi Min (2013) An examination of customer satisfaction in an outsourcing relationship using Kano’s theory of attractive quality (in Malaysian SME industry). Master dissertation/thesis, UTAR.

Sow, Swan Li-San (2012) Molecular diversity of ammonia and methane oxidizing bacteria in disused tin-mining ponds located within Kampar, Perak. Final Year Project, UTAR.

Su, Choon Chung (2013) New methods for capacitive wireless power transfer. Master dissertation/thesis, UTAR.

Tan, Hor Yue (2011) Evaluation of Fingerprint Profile Using Chromatographic Techniques of Bioactive Herbal Phytochemicals Isolated From Paraboea Paniculata. Master dissertation/thesis, UTAR.

Tan, Huei Lie (2019) Game-based learning approach for learning. Final Year Project, UTAR.

Tan, Ke En (2017) Genotyping and partial functional characterization of an obesity GWAS loci Fas apoptotic inhibitory molecule 2 (FAIM2) rs7138803. Final Year Project, UTAR.

Tan, Keng Yean (2011) Phylogenetic diversity of nitrogenase (nifH) gene within the rhizosphere of Colocasia esculenta of ex-tin mining soil. Final Year Project, UTAR.

Tan, Pei Ling (2011) Removal of basic blue 3 and basic yellow 11 using sargassum binderi (phaeophyceae). Master dissertation/thesis, UTAR.

Tan, Qin Huan (2018) Web-Based medicine dispenser system using RFID card. Final Year Project, UTAR.

Tan, Wei Cheat (2011) Molecular characterisation of bla-Tem homologous genes from Enterobacter sp. and Serretia sp. Final Year Project, UTAR.

Tan, Yee Qing (2017) Shelf Life Study of Homemade Noodles Incorporated with Bell Pepper (Capsicum sp.). Final Year Project, UTAR.

Tan, YingYing (2018) Morphological and molecular characterization of isolated bacillus thuringiensis and screening of cry, cyt, ps and chi genes. Final Year Project, UTAR.

Tan, Yong Hui (2011) Behavioral properties of locally isolated acinetobacter species in degrading hydrocarbon chain in crude oil and used cooking oil. Master dissertation/thesis, UTAR.

Tan, Zan Lixn (2019) Learner-Centred Pedagogical Model Courseware for Science Education. Final Year Project, UTAR.

Taranjeet Kaur, Awtar Singh (2010) Phylogenetic analyses and the repetitive patterns of tomistoma schlegelii based on mitochondria dna gene regions. Master dissertation/thesis, UTAR.

Tay, Chin Inn (2017) Removal of ciprofloxacin from aqueous solution using guava leaf powder. Final Year Project, UTAR.

Tee, Hong Le (2019) Web data cleaning and analytics for Malaysia tourism. Final Year Project, UTAR.

Tee, Shin Leong (2012) Bioassay–guided isolation of cytotoxic compound from hydrocotyle vulgaris. Master dissertation/thesis, UTAR.

Tee, Sui Yee (2011) Optimization of fruity fly (Drosophila melanogaster) culture media for higher yield of offspring. Final Year Project, UTAR.

Tee, Yu Hon (2013) Development of autonomous amphibious vehicle maneuvering system using wheelbased guided propulsion approach. Final Year Project, UTAR.

Teh, Jenny (2016) Effect of Spirulina and Folic Acid Intake on the Secondary Sex Ratio of Mouse Offspring. Final Year Project, UTAR.

Teoh, Jia Jie (2012) Combination effect of photodynamic therapy (pdt) and chemotherapy on oral cancer cell lines. Master dissertation/thesis, UTAR.

Teoh, Keat Yin (2017) Effect of citrus sinensis peel characteristics on the properties of polyvinyl alcohol film. Final Year Project, UTAR.

Thou, Esther Mun Huieh (2016) Preliminary Screening of Piper Nigrum Linn for Its Antioxidant Activity and Cytotoxicity on Human Colon Cancer Cell Line (LS 174T). Final Year Project, UTAR.

Thriumalai, Komala (2015) Isolation and Characterization of Naturally Occurring Calcite-Forming Bacteria in Malaysia. Master dissertation/thesis, UTAR.

Tio, Chee Chong (2016) The Involvement of Mapk/Erk Signalling Pathway in Mmp-9 Down-Regulation by Lauric Acid in Thp-1 Differentiated Macrophages. Final Year Project, UTAR.

Von, Sze Tin (2012) Anticancer property and mode of action of metal(ii) complexes of intercalating ligand and amino acid. Master dissertation/thesis, UTAR.

Wong, Boon Yee (2013) Genetic diversity and Morphometric characterization of Acetes (Decapoda: Sergestidae) collected from the west coast of Peninsular Malaysia. Master dissertation/thesis, UTAR.

Wong, Janice Tse Kei (2016) Association of Atp2a1 Rs3888190 Single Nucleotide Polymorphism with Obesity and Allergic Conditions among Utar Kampar Campus Students. Final Year Project, UTAR.

Wong, Kah Wei Anthony (2017) Antioxidant properties of wild Nelumbo nucifera (lotus plant) grown in Ipoh. Final Year Project, UTAR.

Wong, Liherng (2016) Flocculation Technology: Double Layer Flocculation to Enhance the Sedimentation of Freshwater Microalgae. Final Year Project, UTAR.

Wong, Ping Keong (2011) Preparation and characterisation of polymeric biocomposites using plant-based materials. Master dissertation/thesis, UTAR.

Wong, Sharon He Yong (2017) Mining the ride-hailing service: A Malaysia case. Final Year Project, UTAR.

Wong, Win Tatt (2017) Unicat: Enhancing E-Commerce Module in Hybrid Platform Mobile Application. Final Year Project, UTAR.

Yap, Kah Shing (2017) Formula optimization on match butter: A response surface methodology study. Final Year Project, UTAR.

Yap, Kim Cheong (2013) Human resource allocation in multiple project environment in Malaysia. Master dissertation/thesis, UTAR.

Yap, Wei Hsum (2011) An investigation of the chemopreventive mechanisms of maslinic acid. PhD thesis, UTAR.

Yap, Yeannie Hui Yeng (2011) Evaluation of the anti-apoptotic property of cellular prion protien in kidney, oral and colon cancer cell lines. Master dissertation/thesis, UTAR.

Yeap, Beulah Yian Ran (2017) Preliminary screening of crude extracts of Calophyllum species for cytotoxicity, antioxidant and antibacterial activities. Final Year Project, UTAR.

Yeong, Belinda May Lin (2011) Phenology of sargassum species at Teluk Kemang, Port Dickson, Malaysia. Master dissertation/thesis, UTAR.

Yew, Kynn Man (2019) Violent scene detection in videos. Final Year Project, UTAR.

Yit, Tiffany Siew Ng (2016) Development of New Bio-Filler for Thermoplastics from Mimusops Elengi Seed Shell Powder (MESSP). Final Year Project, UTAR.

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